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Top Reason Why you Need a Blog For Your Business This 2021 ,( Kenya Blogging)


Top Reason Why you Need a Blog For Your Business  This 2021  ,( Kenya Blogging)

Today i need to inform your why you need a blog for your business and also how you can make more money from your blog ....  


A blog is a daily updated website, it's an online journal where the writer shares his experience with the world . 

Top Reason Why you Need a Blog For Your Business 

Below are top reasons why you will need a blog for your business if still, you don't have a blog page,


  • product updates 
blogs because they are updated on a daily basis one of the updates is when you have a new product in stock, many blogs owners will review the item they have, for example, if it's a new phone you have in stock you will write about the phone features and specification . blogs owners will embed videos created that explain more about the product,  so the better you explain the product in your blog the more sales you can get, try to have convincing power.  so you can also give updates on discounts, offers and even promotions you have like black fridays 
  • business  updates  
This is another update that you can do with a blog, for example, you opened a new warehouse or shop give your customer an update about that, or you added more updates to your terms and conditions in your business. 


This is the next reason  why you need a blog for your business, If you create more relevant content you will build more followers in your industry and build trust and leads, This tool will help you build followers for your blog with free trial  GETResponce tool 


If you have a business online or you have a website you need traffic, traffic is the visitors to your website, so how do you build traffic or more visit to your website, and you know more traffic will result in leads. 
one way to build traffic to your business website is to create original content. 
the more good quality content you create the better for you. you will get shares in your post.
The next tip is to work on SEO, search engine optimization, If you rank on top of a google search you will get calls and leads  
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Due to the fact that customers are on social media, you need to create post that is interactive and share on social media.  this will build followers, shares and grow your business exposure .
Share your content on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook  
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Above are the top reasons why you need a blog for your business, many businesses are making more sales because they have a blog, some take steps to hire SEO experts and blog content creators if you need me to write a post for you send me an email at 


For you to build a blog you do not require to be an expert to start a blog, now with technology, there is a new website where you just register free  and start writing  your posts, share with customers and grow your business interaction you might know this tool , WordPress   

 .... >>> blog builder tool  
eBook to help you make money with a blog and start blogging 
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