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When Is Tesla phone coming out in Kenya ?Tesla Phone will Destroy The INDUSTRY With it's Eco-System

Rumors are circulating on social media that Elon Musk's next project for Tesla is a smartphone. When is the Tesla phone coming out? Let's separate fact from fiction.

If Tesla were actually creating a cell phone, it could take years for it to be available to consumers, and the price might be too high for many people. According to, although some people estimate that Tesla could release a cell phone as early as this 2022, a date in 2023 or 2024 is more believable.

What are the Tesla phone features?
The reported features of a Tesla Model Pi smartphone sound too good to be true.
The features of the conceptual Tesla smartphone are said to include:
An ultra-resilient body that is “forged in fire”
Four cameras that use artificial intelligence to light a pitch-black environment
A front camera
Connection to Musk’s Starlink high-speed internet service for 5G service and download speeds of up to 210 Mbps
A transparent solar panel embedded in its back to charge with energy of the sun
Connection to your brain via Musk’s Neuralink
The ability to mine cryptocurrencies called “Mars Coin”
The ability to drive a Tesla
The ability to work on Mars 


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