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5, Top best kitchen utensils you need to have , (Kitchen Reviews )

 Hey, these are items that many are buying today for kitchen use, not only here in Kenya but worldwide.

let us take a look at the top items.

1, Elegant Coffee Pot Stainless Steel Ware Kettle Vacuum Flask-2L 

Product details

Planning a Tea party?-  Vacuum Flask will keep your guests well supplied with Hot Tea or Coffee
Fashion Healthy Bottle's 2 Litre Capacity is enough to minimize the need for frequent refills. It holds enough, for your vacationing family
You are guaranteed 24 Hours of Hot & Cold drinks
It is made of quality material both in the  inside and outside: Glass Inside and Stainless Steel Outside.
It is also very easy to clean and does not break in the event it falls off.
Order yours online on Jumia Kenya and have it delivered either at your place of residence or work place. 

How to get this item , 

I will help you get this item at 1199 ksh just  click Chat Me   or buy the item from jumia kenya  

2, Generic 6 Piece Non-Stick Cooking Spoons Set + Kitchen Knife 

Product details

This 6 Piece Non-Stick Cooking Spoons Set is highly effective in making cooking process convenient and easy. The whole set includes 6 kitchen tools that are required in everyday cooking. These 6 pcs kitchen tools are made from Nylon, heat-resistant material and come in non-stick matte finishing. They look elegant and come with hanging loop for convenient placing in the kitchen. With these kitchen tools, cooking becomes a pleasurable experience.Order for this 6 Piece Non-Stick Cooking Spoons Set online from Jumia Kenya at a reasonable price and have it delivered at your doorstep. 
How to get this item , 

will help you get this item at 550 ksh just  click Chat Me   or buy the item from jumia kenya   

3, TC 14 Pieces Non Stick Cooking Pots- Sufuria Set-Cook Ware Sets 

Product details

Durable aluminum cooking pots provides long lasting superior Non-stick performance and has different sizes for different cooking needs hence you can cook different delicacies. It is light and easy to maintain with protective layer added to make it less reactive and more scratch resistant.It also has glass lids makes viewing food easy from start to finish. It is both a healthy and an Eco friendly way to cook, suitable for home and can be used for long time. Furthermore it spreads heat evenly and is energy efficient, and makes it easier to regulate heat so the food does not burn and stick. Upgrade your cooking experience by placing your order on Jumia and have it delivered right at your doorstep or preferred pick up station.
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How to get this item , 

will help you get this item at 6540 ksh just  click Chat Me   or buy the item from jumia kenya   

4, Generic 14 Pcs Heavy Stainless Aluminum Cooking Pot - Cook Ware Sets 

  • Premium stainless aluminium offers optimal cooking performance. 
  • Tight-fitting covers seal in moisture and nutrients.
  • Ideal for open charcoal jiko or firewood cooking.
  • Solid stainless steel riveted handles stay cool during cooking
  • Durable and easy to clean
  • 7 Stainless steel Cooking Pots
  • 7 Aluminium Pot Lids 
How to get this item , 

will help you get this item at 5480 ksh just  click Chat Me   or buy the item from jumia kenya     

5, Generic Portable Hand Blender High Speed Juicer And Food Processor 

Product details

If you are looking for a simple blender that offers more than just blending, then here's a deal, the Blender with Grinding Machine. This appliance has a jug capacity of 320ml safely locked with a lock cover, quite enough for your blending. This 3-speed blender comes with a powerful 30W motor that has an overheat protection feature that runs the copper color cutting blades. You can now order for this blender on Jumia and have it delivered to you at an amazing price.
The blender comes with one year warranty to keep you assured of the quality. You get the best price on jumia and fastest delivery period. Energy consumption on this model has been drastically reduced while at the same time improving the performance. 
How to get this item, 

will help you get this item at 1050 ksh just  click Chat Me   or buy the item from jumia kenya      


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