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7 Kenyan Websites for Online Shopping You Didn't Know About


 How many times have you wanted to buy something, but didn’t know where to get it? If you live in Kenya, the answer probably happens way too often! In order to make shopping for the things you want more convenient, we found seven Kenyan websites that let you shop online and deliver your purchase directly to your door. That means you don’t have to worry about whether or not an item will fit, if it’s the right shade of yellow, or if the seller will give you the right change—you can just grab your credit card and check out! 

1, Souq 

Souq is probably Kenya’s most popular online shopping site and a great alternative to Jumia, with equally good prices. The website’s layout and design aren’t as pleasant to use as some of its competitors, but if you want something done right...  

2, Jumia  

Online shopping in Kenya has grown at an impressive rate, with some of Kenya’s leading entrepreneurs and business tycoons backing it up. Jumia is a leading ecommerce platform with more than 100 online stores ranging from books to electronics to fashion. Compared to its competitors, Jumia offers better prices. Pay using your mobile money account to pay directly from your phone and get free home delivery. 

3 Kilimall

 Kilimall is a great online shopping platform that helps you browse through and buy products from local vendors. If you’re looking to buy kikoys, kitchen utensils, or even hot sauce in Kenya, then Kilimall is your go-to online shop. They also have a seller directory with an events calendar so you can find out where to meet them face-to-face if that’s more your style. (hint: it should be) 

.4 Konga 

The flagship site of Kenya’s largest ecommerce company, and one of Kenya’s top ecommerce sites. If you live in a metropolitan area and need an item right away, I recommend using their same-day delivery service to avoid getting caught in horrendous traffic. Don’t forget to price compare! Shipping is only free if you spend over KES 5,000 (about $60). 

Everything on JUMIA 

5 Njia Kenya

Njia Kenya is an online shopping store that sells food, clothing, health and beauty products. The website is easy to navigate and all listed products have images of what they look like. Prices are reasonable, with most being under $100 (UGX) or KES. Shipping fee ranges from between $5 to $20 depending on what you’re ordering and shipping address. 

6 Tuskys 

While there are a number of online shopping websites in Kenya, none have been able to beat out Tuskys. Founded in 1983 by CEO Ben Kinyanjui, Tuskys is one of Kenya’s leading supermarket chains with 11 brick-and-mortar outlets across Nairobi and Mombasa. While it was originally founded as a grocery store, today it offers everything from clothes to electronics. 

7 Go fetch 

Kenya’s ecommerce industry has exploded in recent years, with a growing number of shoppers choosing to purchase products online. Here are 7 websites where you can buy everything from makeup to mobile phones online. These stores also sell tech, so keep an eye out for any laptop deals that might come up during Black Friday sales! 

Final Word  

These are just a few of many different ideas to get you started. Think of your target audience, write down everything that comes to mind, and don’t forget to think outside of the box. Every industry has its own issues and quirks; therefore, there is no universal topic that works in every case. The more you think about what your audience might want to read about, and what they need help with, often leads to great topics for articles. 

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