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Introducing Adsterra: The Advertising Network That Delivers Results



Adsterra Advertising: CPC and CPM Explained  

CPM, CPC, CPA—these three acronyms mean nothing to most small business owners who are looking to advertise online. So what are they? And why should you care? The answer lies in how these three types of advertising work and how they’re different from each other. This blog post will break down how each advertising type works and how you can use them to reach the right audience for your business. 

Introducing Adsterra 

An Alternative to Google Adsence and Other Ad Networks A lot of companies ask us, What’s different about your solution? How are you going to make money from us? What do we need to do? So we would like to address all of these questions. We will look at what makes our network different and why it can benefit advertisers and publishers alike. 

How Does Adsterra Work? 

It’s common knowledge that online advertising isn’t what it used to be. For advertisers, CPM (cost per thousand impressions) is a fraction of what it once was. In order to stand out, you need to be more innovative and create more meaningful experiences for your audience—or you need to be smarter about where you buy ads and how much you pay for them. Fortunately, there are new networks emerging that offer better results at lower costs, like adsterraTM. 

Why should you use it? 

Google and Facebook get most of the attention when it comes to advertising on social media, but ad networks like these can deliver even better results for your business. Here are three reasons why you should start advertising with an ad network today. 

No minimum budget, no minimum traffic 

Unlike many online advertising networks, Adsterra does not restrict its publishers to a minimum CPC or CPM. This means that you can earn money from day one and continue to earn money month over month as long as your audience grows and as long as your campaigns achieve high levels of engagement. With other networks, on average you’re only earning a few cents per thousand views. 

Additional benefits for publishers 

With adsterra, you can earn revenue for every ad that is shown on your website or application. You control how much to charge advertisers and set your own payout rate. Plus, our SDKs are free to use, and we take care of everything from analytics to payment processing so you can focus on driving more traffic to your app or website. With a 90 percent fill rate and service providers in over 100 countries, our technology is best in class. 

Get started today 

You’re looking for two main things here, when you run your own campaigns in adsterra. These are CPM (cost per thousand impressions) and CPC (cost per click). What is adsterra? Well, adsterra is an advertising network designed specifically for publishers who want to monetize their sites through advertising – without sacrificing user experience or compromising data privacy.

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