Pritty Vishy Reveals Her Body Count, New Relationship Status

Popular content creator Pritty Vishy gave her fans a peek into her personal life, revealing that she is currently single.

In a Q&A session on Instagram, the actress faced questions about her supposed love affair with singer Madini Classic.

“Where is babe?” one fan asked.

To which Pritty Vishy replied: “Babe mgani? 不不不Aaah, I am S for single please不不不不. Until further notice.”

Another followed asked: “Are you dating Madini?”

Vishy feigned amnesia, responding; “Huyo ni who? Weeeeh! Niko single like no one’s business.”

A third fan wanted to know if Pritty Vishy is married.

“I was married long time ago and I’m divorced right now. Weeh I don’t want that sh*t cz being submissive is the last thing joh,” she said.

Pritty Vishy however did not rule out needing a man in the future saying he will have to be older than her and not a celebrity as she wants privacy.

Then there was the delicate matter of how many people she has slept with. “Body count yako ni ngapi?” A curious fan asked.

“Waaaaah! Tricky sana. But I think it is around 10 to 15 kaa sijakosea (if am not wrong),” Pritty wrote.

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